Yoga Classes

Yoga class is run by Paul Kaushal and Rae Brady on every Monday evening (except bank holidays) between 1800 to 1920 hours in the Hindu Temple, 1 La belle Place Glasgow G3 7LH.

All people are welcome irrespective of their ethnicity, religion, colour, age, sex, race, gender or disability. It is not related to any religion or faith.

We cover eight yogic practices which are meant for mental and physical cleansing, and soul enlightenment. They help cure many ailments and diseases related to heart, high blood pressure, depression, stress, respiration, stomach, cholesterol etc.

Yoga is a complete science, a complete life style, a complete medication system and above all a complete spiritual insight. It is not bound by the narrow mindedness of religion, caste, community or language.

Our yoga classes are based on yogic practices produced by Saint Patanjali which were eventually brought to the common people by Swami Ram Dev ji.

We demonstrate many yogic assans, mudras and breathing/physical exercises in the class but you can pick which you think suit your body most at your own risk or responsibility. A teacher cannot be held responsible for any action or reaction.

If you require more information please get in touch with either Rae Brady (0141-391-1799) or Paul Kaushal at 07572428286.