Shri Ganesh Ji

Vighneshwaraaya Varadaaya Surapriyaaya,

Lambodaraaya Sakalaaya Jaddhitaaya,

Naag-aananaaya Shruti-Yagya Vibhooshitaaya,

Gauri-Sutaaya Gananaatha Namo Namaste.

O Lord Ganesh, remover of all obstacles! Giver of blessings, beloved amongst all the demigods, with a large belly, the Lord of all, who desires only the best fro the entire, creation, who has a trunk with curves like a snake, who is the adornment of the Vedas and Sacrificial rituals, O Son of Parvati Devi, Lord of the servants of Lord Shiva, I bow to you again and again.

In the tenets of the true eternal way of life known as Sathya Sanatan Dharma, Shri Ganesh Ji finds prominence. He is always offered worship first due to his capability of removing obstacles on the devotees’ path leading back towards Godhead.

Sri Ganesh Ji was created by Mother Parvati and his story differs slightly in the Puranas (the Hindu Historical Texts) due to accounts of Ganesh Ji’s births in different ages in different creations. The widely accepted version is that Ganesh Ji was created by Parvati Ma as a son, a companion to have in the household while her husband, Lord Shiva went away to the mountains for thousands of years to perform meditation. Ganesh Ji was guarding the household as per his mothers instructions, and in this time, Lord Shiva returned. Lord Ganesh never knowing that this was his father, refused him entry as to Ganesh Ji, Shiv Ji was just an intruder. Lord Shiva, infuriated at the refusal of entry into his own home decapitated Lord Ganesh. Hearing the commotion, Parvati Ma appeared and sobbingly related to Lord Shiva that this was indeed his Son, and to rectify Lord Shiva chose the head of an elephant as the suitable replacement. He was then blessed by Lord Shiva with the title ‘Gananaatha’ – the foremost of the deities and was granted the position of being worshipped first before all demigods.

Ganesh Ji’s elephant face represents knowledge and it was wit his own tusk that he wrote the Vedas down as Veda Vyas Ji recited them. Ganesh Ji’s are belly represents the ability to digest all the problems of life and keep them within himself-not spreading the problems of life and telling them to everyone. At Lord Ganesh’s feet is placed an array of sweets – laddus. Ganesh Ji’s chosen vehicle is the rat, and the rat stands devotedly at the feet of Lord Ganesh despite the rich variety of sweets before him. Any ordinary creature would be devouring the food, but the rat represents the stead-fast devotion that all humanity should aim for – leaving behind all worldly happiness for the love of the Lord.

It is for these reasons that Lord Ganesh Ji is worshipped first amongst all the deities, because he is the bringer of auspiciousness, knower of the Vedas, devotee of God, remover of obstacles in the path f righteousness and is a devoted son to his parents which is exemplary for us all to follow.