Shri Radha Krishna

Svabhaavatopaasta Samasta Dosha-mashesha

Kayla Gunaika Raashim,

Vyoohaanginam Brahma Param Varenyam

Dhyaayema Krishnam Kamalekshanam Harim.

Lord Hari, Shri Krishna is naturally worthy of all worship, the remover of all bad vibrations, the unceasing abode of compassion. He is the source of all the incarnations which form His eternal body, God Almighty, it is upon Him who we should meditate, the Lotus Eyed Eternal Almighty.

Sri Krishna is revealed in the Veda as the original form of God. He is no incarnation; He is the source of all incarnations. In the Upanishads, we are told, ‘Krishna ha vai paramam daivatam, tam dhyaayet’, and ‘Brahmanyo Devaki Putro, Brahmanyo Madhusudanah’ – Krishna is God Almighty, mediate upon Him, and God Almighty is Krishna, the son of Devaki and the destroyer of the demon Madhu. Shri Krishna is the source of everything. Mother Radha is the source of everything. She and Lord Krishna are non-different from each other. In the beginning, Shri Krishna emerged from inside the light on the right side, and Mother Radha emerged on His left.

Ange Tu Vaame Vrishabhaanujaam Mudaa,

Viraajamaanaam Anuroopa Saubhagaam,

Sakhi Sahasraih Parisevitaam Sadaa,

Smarema Devim Sakaleshta Kaamadaam.

We mediate upon the original energy, Mother Radha, the left side of the body of God, seated on His left side, served by thousands of Sakhi’s, the adobe of unsurpassable beauty and bliss, the granter of all desires.

Mother Radha is the source of all the different, expansions of female energy. She expanded into mother Parvati, Lakshmi and Saraswati and thus pervades the universe as the female energy. She is the source of the highest bliss for Shri Krishna, as Shri Krishna is the highest bliss of Shri Radha Rani. After the advent of all the deities upon earth, and when the teachings of Hinduism were at their most influential, the Lord chose the time to come to earth and show His devotees the true form of the Almighty.

Sri Krishna was born in Mathura and Radha Rani was born in Barsana. Their story is probably the most well known throughout the universe. While Lord Krishna was in Vrindavan, He was accompanied by Radha, and when He went to Dwarka, He was accompanied by Rukmini, the chief concert. She was an incarnation of Lashmi, who is an incarnation ultimately of Radha, so we should not confuse ourselves saying that He had so many wives, as ultimately they are expansions of Radha Rani.

Philosophically, we are all expansions of the energy of Radha Rani. Our original souls served the Divine couple at the beginning, until it was time for creation. Our spiritual identity was that of the Gopi’s (sakhi’s) who are praised throughout our scriptures as possessing the highest devotion possible for the Lord. Even Lord Shiva and Narad Muni were Gopis in the Lord’s incarnation. Lord Krishna is there as the all attractive Supreme God Almighty, of whom Radha Rani is the left half. We are their eternal servants, we just have to realise it. The whole voluminous body of the Hindu scriptures describe them alone.

Devotion and worship of Shri Radha Krishna will provide the devotee with something that worshipping other deities cannot provide. It provides eternal liberation from the material world, and promises eternal bliss, free from rebirth or worry, free from sadness, pain and suffering. The Lord God Almighty then gave to us what must be the single-most important jewel in the crown of the Hindu scriptures specifically for those unable to study Hindu Philosophy due to its vastness. the Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta is the essence of all the scriptural philosophy. It is the door to liberation, provided to us by the Supreme.