Hanuman Ji Maharaaj

HANUMAN JI MAHARAAJ is worshipped throughout the Hindu world as the representation of the highest devotee.

His every breath was ‘Raama Raama’ and his motto was ‘Raama Kaaja Keenhe Binu, Mohe Kahaa Bishraam’ – having not completed mu Lord’s work, how can I rest? this attitude of complete service and surrender is the trait of Lord Shiva, of whom Hanuman Ji is a partial incarnation. He taught us devotion and showed us unflinching service. He remains a life-long Brahmachari – celibate student. He served as the messenger of the Lord, and was a hero in the battles.

By worshipping this expansion of the Lrod, Shri Seeta-Raam, Lakshman & Hanuman, we are assured of being blessed with a healthy mind and knowledge of our duties to our parents, society and world. Devotion, happiness and peaceful family are bestowed upon the devotees.