Blessings from Swami Ji

“Dharamratana Swami Gopal Sharan Devacharya”

“Vihari Goloke Nayana Patha Gaami
Bhavatu Me”
“Manmanaa Bhava Madbhakto Madyaajee
Maam Namaskuru”

The almighty, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, beyond space and time, is Lord Shri Krishna, the Lord of the entire universe. The immeasurable creation is pervaded by Him in every atom. There is no place or thing that is different from the energy of the Lord, as everything created and unmanifest is just a different personification of the same energy. Therefore, by offering our minds at His lotus feet, remembering Him, meditating upon Him without distraction, benefit will be felt by all humans, that is inevitable. Recorded in the passages of the Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta, The Supreme Lord God Almighty, Bhagavan Shri Krishna blessed Arjuna with the following instructions- ‘Place your mind in Me, worship Me, become My devotee, bow to Me alone.’ Truly in all the scriptures, there is no aspect in creation that is even comparable in glory to that of the Lord. God Almighty had said this to the most brave and victorious Arjuna on the battlefield. Having seen his own family on the enemy’s side, Arjuna became confused. What should be done? What should not be done? Suffering thus, the Lord began to enlighten His devotee as to the duties becoming of him. In this materially obsessed modern world, the predicament of mankind has worsened beyond ignorance of duty alone – ignorance has spread to every single second of existence. The difficulties of modern household life and social life at large harass man at his every step. Speaking to us modern day humans through the medium of Arjuna over five thousand one hundred years ago, the Lord Himself is telling us that the solution is to ‘Place your mind in Me, become My devotee.’

All of these discussions, teachings and experiences can only happen in Satsang association with saints and learned souls. In today’s modern environment, the sole confluence for all devoted people is in a Mandir. That Mandir should be clean, enchantingly beautiful and pure, and it must be peaceful. By going there and worshipping, singing bhajanas, performing rituals and listening to discourses by saints and learned souls, unquestionably the devotee will feel the vibrations of peace permeate his consciousness. Mandir is the centre of faith, devotion and religious sentiments. This is why all devoted people worldwide have their centres of worship.

These Mandirs are the medium by which devotees have their consciousness purified by the stream of devotion; they are able to interact with the Lord directly, and they are able to rejuvenate their inner humanity and humility through contact with the vibrations of the divine. It is for this reason that in the Hindu Scriptures, the Mandir is given an unequalled pedestal. Mandirs are the priceless jewel of whichever town, city and country they adorn. By having it made, by engaging in its upkeep with mind and body, and by arranging festivals and making arrangements for devotees, saints and learned souls to congregate, the devotee is blessed with mental tranquility and purity of the soul. Having the Darshan of the Lord incarnated as His divinely carved Deity (Murti), which has been installed using the energy of the Vedic Mantras of the Praan Pratishtha ritual (the sacred invocation of divine life force inside the Deity), causes unending spiritual merit and destruction of sin, which is most important in these materially tempting times. By the daily Aarati, Shringar (adornments and dressing), Raj Bhog (food offering), Chandana and Malas, and other offerings of various Seva (devotional service) from the heart made through the Pujari (Priest), the devotee becomes the recipient of prosperity, wealth, health and happiness. In the Vedas it is stated: ‘Krinvanto Vishvamaaryam’ – by filling the sattvika devoteethe devotee with a peaceful nature – with goodness, purity, truth and beneficial ideals, he will then distribute these qualities to a second devotee and then a third and so on until the entire world is filled with the characteristics of the Sattvika Guna – the mode of goodness. These devotees will therefore be an ideal example for the world to look upto and slowly the world would give up its attachment to bitterness, cruelty, crookedness and make qualities of humanity and humility its own. It is for this reason that we continue to hope and advise that every devotee community in the world builds its own place for communal and congregational worship; as the benefits for mankind are countless.

Following this resolution, approximately twenty-five years ago a programme of discourses was arranged in Glasgow, Scotland. Through the pure desire of the devotees there, a small Mandir was bought and the invocation and installation of Shri Rama Parivar took place under the guidance of myself and Acharya Pt. Dharam Datta Vashishtha. The devotionally inclined people of Glasgow then made this Mandir on their own by their faithful service in the Mandir and by organising and celebrating many festivals and functions throughout the years. Slowly as the numbers of devotees increased, they desired to install and arrange for the worship of bigger Deities in a traditional altar. Murtis were arranged and shipped from India, however due to many small problems, the resolution was put on hold. Nevertheless since the past two years, the hindu families of Glasgow have all come together and with increased unity and pure desire, arrangements for a traditional wooden altar and for the Praan Pratishtha festival were auspiciously commenced. The most learned Vedic Scholar Acharya Pt. Medinipati Mishra Ji has served the Lord through many years at Glasgow and has been advising the devotees, helping them through the various stages and has co-ordinated the efforts from a religious standpoint, and to assist him, the hardworking and knowledgeable Pt. Sarveshwar Sharan (Surya) was called from Golok Dham Ashram, Delhi , and has been aiding the . combined effort. Following this, Shri Ranjan Mehta and his craftsmen from Udaipur, India began work on an ornately carved wooden altar.

The Lord is unendingly compassionate. It is upon His decision alone when certain endeavours shall happen, how they shall take form and through which devotees efforts shall it be completed. The devotion and faith of the Glasgow devotees has enticed the blessings of the Lord upon them. They have all faithfully and selflessly contributed by time and money towards the Mandir’s completion. I pray that this devoted Hindu community stand as an example of dedication to all. May this Mandir become the centre of their devotional lives. May the new generation of young Hindus, the future of our way of life, have Darshan (viewing of the Lord) here and be blessed with pride in our way of life, our Eternal Hindu Religion and our unparalleled Hindu Culture. May all devotees come to this Mandir and understanding their purpose in life, may they feel satisfied with the blessings of the Lord. May the grace of the Deities that will be installed be upon every single devotee and their family. May all devotees and even just the inquisitive people of Glasgow who come to the Mandir, by having the Darshan of the Lord in His Mandir and thus having their desires fulfilled may they be blessed with prosperity, devotion, tranqulitiy, peacefulness and intellect.

‘Kalyaanam Karotu Shri Krishnah’
‘Shubham Bhavatu’



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