Shri Ram Darbar

Neelambuja Shyaamala Komalaangam,

Seta Samaaropita Vaamabhaagam,

Paanu Mahaasaayaka Chaaru-chaapam,

Namaami Raamam Raghuvamsha Naatham.

Shri Raam, blue coloured dark bodies, adorned by Mother Seta on His left side, in whose hands are the bow and arrow, I bow to Shri Raam, the Lord of the Raghu Dynasty.

Sri Raama, is the incarnation of God as the ‘Maryaada Purushottam’ – the embodiment of duty as the highest human being. He taught the world through His actions the difficult teachings of the Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas. He taught us all how to be dutiful children through His devotion to the will of His parents. Through His exemplary characteristics of daily prayer, arduous studies and devotion to the Guru, He aught us to become perfect students. By fighting demons for the protection of the sacrificial rituals of the saints and sages, He taught us all how to fight for our Hindu dharma, and to protect and server our religious Acharyas, Gurus, Swamis and Brahmanas. When Mother Seeta chose him as her husband, He embodied the ideal husband and taught all men how to look after ones wives. When He befriended Sugreeva and Hanuman Ji, He taught us all to keep good friends and keep away from bad company. He taught us devotion to Lord Shiva when He established Lord Shiva in the form of Rameshwaram in South India. By befriending Vibheeshana, He taught us all that even amongst bad natured people, there might be one worth saving; so we must never judge a book by its cover. By defeating Ravana, He taught us that at all cost, our inner demons must be destroyed. By sending the pregnant Mother Seeta to the remote ashram of the sages, He showed us how to ensure that children brought up properly in religious vibrations and showed us that exemplary children are only attained when they are taught by respectable Guru’s. Had Luv and Kush (His children) stayed at the palace they would have only learned about what goes on in a palace; however by sending them to Guru, they learned the secrets of the whole universe. His whole life was exemplary.

Being an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who is an expansion of the Supreme, Lord Raama came to the earth accompanied by Mother Laksmi in the form of Seeta, the daughter of King Jana. Lord Lakshmana is the incarnation of the She’s Naag- Ananda, the snake upon which Lord vishnu sleeps. He is the eternal form of Lord Balaraam, brother to Lord Krishna when He was on earth and serves as the protector of the Supreme. Hanuman Ji is the partial incarnation of Lord Shiva, the most devoted. He desired to serve his Lord in this episode on earth, and as such, he incarnated as Hanuman Ji and played a pivotal role in the entire saga.

Mother Seeta being an incarnation of Mother Lakshmi is also an expansion of the original female energy. She exemplifies specifically the qualities of purity and chastity of married women and personified devotion to her husband, never leaving His side by accompanying Him to the jungle upon His banishment from the kingdom of Ayodhya. She taught us all the qualities of the ideal wife, always doing what was best for he husband, even submitting herself to a trial by the fire at His behest for the benefit of the subjects of the kingdom.

Shri Lashman Ji represents the ‘Sanakarshana’ expansion of God Almighty, which is further elaborated upon in the scriptures He came to support Lord Raama and was as inseparable to Lord Rama as Lord Balaaraama was to God Almighty. Sri Krishna He taught humanity the love that should exist between brothers, always together with each other, always supportive and always in mutual love and respect. It is an important lesson to all the children of the world who are constantly warring with he their brothers.