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The history of Hindu Mandir Glasgow dates back to the later part of 1967 when some Hindu women got together and started Bhajan/Kirtan from home to home. They started collecting funds with the intention of setting up a place of worship for the Hindu community.

From the funds raised, the building at Great George Street was purchased in 1971 and the first Hindu Mandir was established in the city of Glasgow. An organisation was set up under the name of Hindu Mandir Sabha with its own constitution and which later obtained charitable status.

Building a Temple is believed to be a pious act in which the Hindu community of Glasgow has been involved. Hindu Mandir took its final shape and inaugurated on 23 July 2006.

In early days there was no Priest, with the increased number of community members coming to the Temple needing other religious services, the need of a suitable Pandit / Priest was badly felt, eventually following appointment of one or two priests who remained only for a short period, Acharya Medanipati Mishra – Acharya Ji – came to Glasgow in 1992. He took the responsibility of conducting religious ceremonies / activities in authentic vedic manner and was very much welcomed. The community unanimously appreciated his ritualistic manner and methods. We are very fortunate to have Acharya ji with us.


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