Venkateshwar Bhagavan

Shriman Kripaa Jalanidhe Krita Sarvaloka, Sarvagya

Shakta Natavatsala Sarvasheshin,

Swaamin Susheela Sulabhaashrita Paarijaata, Shri

Venkatesha Charanau Sharanam Prapadye.

Lord Shri Venkateshwara, ocean of unending bliss, creator of the world, omniscient, the dearest of devotees, master, of tranquil character; I seek the shelter of the lotus feet of Lord Venkateshwara.

Bhagavan Shri Venkateswara is the ‘Swayam – Prakat’ deity of Lord Vishnu found in the Tirupati-Tirumala mountains in Andhra Pradesh. The present maunder in which He is enshrined is from the 12 century. It is credited as being the wealthiest maunder in the Hindu world.

Tirupati Bala Ji, as Bhagavan Venkateshwar is more commonly know, is a self revealed diety, like Banke Bihari Ji in Vrindavan, and evidence has been found to state that Bhagavan Venkateswara was worshiped in the area since the 9th century.

There have been numerous tests to try and prove the facility of Bhagavad Venkateswara, however when the scientists analysed the stone of which Bhagavan Venkateshwara was composed of, they found no match with any stone types known on this earth.

Bhagavan Venkateshwara is jet black in form and is accompanied by Shri Devi(Lakshmi) and Padmavati (Prithivee Ma).

In the Tirupati temple he is adorned with solid gold kavacha-armour, has his weapons encrusted with gold and diamonds, and his crown is the single most expensive ornament ever made.

He was formally worshiped in the Vaishnava Religion by Ramanujacharya in the 12th Century. Since then, only members of this Shri Vaishnava tradition are allowed to become priests and their families have in turn been priests at the temple for many generations.

By worshipping Bhagavan Venkateswara here in Glasgow, we join the 5000 pilgrims that list his maunder in India for darshan everyday. The devotee is blessed with peace, fulfillment of desires , and if one worships the Lord with no desires, then Bhagavan Venkateswara gives them liberation.