Saraswati Mata

Veen Dhare Vipula Mangala Daan Sheele, Bhakti-

aarti Naashini viranchi Hareesha Vandye,

Keerti Prade Akhila Manoratha Demahaarhe, Vidyaa

Pradaayini Saraswati Naumi Nityam.

Mother Saraswati holds a Veena in her hands, is the giver of auspicious things and a good mind, she removes the troubles of the devotees and she is worshipped by Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. She bestows fame and is the giver of all the minds pure desires, I bow down eternally at the lotus feet of the giver of intelligence, Mother Saraswati.

Saraswati Mata is in the Puran’s known as the wife of Narayan. Her father is Brahma Ji and Mother is Savitri Devi. She is not, as is commonly misconceived, the wife of Brahma. She is the Vaag-devi – goddess of pure speech and she controls all education. She is the most ’Satvik’ goddess (good natured) amongst them all.

Formerly in Vedic times, Saraswati was a river that originated in the Himalayas. The Rig Vedas contains a long ‘Saraswati Sukta’ and the rest of the Vedas hod her in high regard. The Saraswati river is the part of the ‘Triveni’ – the trinity of holy rivers – Ganga and Yamuna being the other two. The ancient confluence of the three rivers was at Prayaag Raaj in U.P., India. Her presence on earth has been verified by NASA satellite images.

All humankind needs to learn in order to adapt to life and in some cases even just to be able to live. Intelligence is the most important wealth amongst all other forms of wealth, whether spiritual or material. It is for this reason then, that all Hindus have a special place for Mother Saraswati in their hearts. She also represents music – the root of all music being the Saam Veda. Mother Saraswati is thus worshipped by all Hindus for the attainment of a pure and simple mind, education and the intelligence one needs to use the knowledge properly, but most importantly, she is worshipped for wisdom.